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Our thanks to all of those who have helped up get to launching our business.  The following are those who contributed the most ;

TMC Planning

Tommy Cochrance of TMC planning helped us through the Dumfries and Galloway Council planning process.  They can be reached @

J.A. Halkett & Son 

We struggled to find a fencing supplier who could match the budget we had for our secure fencing.  Thanskfully Craig @ came through for us and did a great job of getting the fencing installed.  Craig completed a very professional job, was helpful and flexible as we ended up adding rabbit mesh to stop the rabbits getting in and the doggies getting out !!

J.J. Currie

Russell at JJ Currie @ rescued us with very prompt delivery of building supplies.  The deliveries were with large lorries negotiating thier way down to Paradise.  Good service from a local supplier.

Wee Jock the builder

Although wee jock has no web or social media prescence he helped us lay foundations for the shed and repair the pot holes in our drive.  Hardworking reliable sole trader happy to supply his contact details for anyone who might want to use him.

Bob Dodds and Milo

Last but not least my older brother Robert (Bob) Dodds has been regularly down helping us prepare building the shed, cutting down overhaning trees loaning equipment.  Further Milo (dog) was an excelletn tester of the secure fence and found a couple of areas we have to pin down to improve security.

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